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Culligan Water

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

Our Culligan Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems are built specifically for the tough water conditions for the Brazos Valley and surrounding areas. Each system is tested and maintained according to the specific water supply. The system starts with a 5 micron particulate filter to remove any suspended solids, the 2 nd stage is a heavy duty activated granular carbon filter to remove chlorine, and the 3 rd stage is a brackish water membrane made to remove 98-99% of all the dissolved solids that may be in your water, including sodium. Our Reverse Osmosis systems are superior to anything that is available in our market due to the fact that they are custom built for our water supply and we maintain the RO properly to ensure that you have the highest quality drinking water possible, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer an affordable monthly service plan that will ensure that your water always tastes great! There is no equipment to buy and you never have to be concerned about messing with filters or maintenance.

ORDER NOW Here are what our customers are saying… “Culligan water IS the best–foods taste better, ice is the best, it is better for you, you don’t have to buy bottled water–thus helping your environment. And their customer service is excellent.” – T “Culligan water beats bottled water hands down and saves money. Get a stainless steel bottle and fill to carry with you” – J “I have Culligan water in my house because it’s available for all my needs…cooking, ice, and water…and it tastes fabulous!” – D “Culligan Water is SO reasoably priced! Also, you can’t beat their customer service”- N “The taste of the water is far superior to any other water I have had”. JB _________________________________________________________________________________________

Benefits of Culligan Reverse Osmosis Systems

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  • Same Quality as bottle water without the silly bottle
  • Never hassle with heavy and expensive bottle water again
  • Have an endless supply of pure water at your fingertips
  • Makes great coffee, tea and is great for cooking
  • The Culligan Reverse Osmosis system removes the sodium from your tap water!
  • Produce up to 50 gallons per day
  • Can even be hooked to your ice maker!
  • Custom faucets are available to match your existing kitchen finish and design
  • Great for plants and aquariums


So How Much does it COST?

OPTION # 1 – “Full Service”………..……..……………………$29/month + install Includes All Service and disinfection Includes All Filter Changes on an ongoing basis Includes a Leak Controller System 24/7 Service No Contracts Basic Installations are $35.00 Ice maker hookups are an additional one time charge depending on difficulty. Custom spigots are also available for purchase from $119-$295 depending on choice.


-OR- OPTION # 2 – “Purchase Option”………………………………………$975 plus tax and installation Expect to spend an average of $155 per year on regular service and maintenance (normal filter change) 5 year warranty on the entire system excluding filters and membrane Membrane has a 1 year warranty Leak Controller Systems are $30.00 Custom Spigots are $119-$295 Installation $35.00 ORDER NOW Wonder what your ice will look like if you have a Culligan Drinking Water System? Watch this ORDER NOW